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A dynamic, highly motivated, and passionate leader, Calen leads the FreeWheel Academy, serving the needs of over 900 clients and internals across the advertising ecosystem. With extensive experience in change management and coaching, she is an active leader in FreeWheel’s Culture Committee (FreeWheel Way), The Comcast Ally Network and in the FreeWheel Women’s ERG. Calen creates a workspace that allows employees to show up every day as their authentic selves. With over 10 years’ experience leading a team through mergers and reorganizations, Calen successfully navigates the waters of recognizing the employee experience while still achieving the organizational goal in a respectful and empathetic manner.


“Breaking the bias means getting more people in the room where decisions are made. It means building a leadership team that reflects the customer base so that all voices are represented. It means creating an environment where all employees feel like they belong.”

-Calen Dallavis, Senior Manager, Training, FreeWheel

Travel is one of my greatest pleasures. Traveling to other countries and immersing myself in local foods, shops and towns is one of the fastest ways to get to know local neighbors. Whether it be on the beach in Belize, a hotel in Mumbai, in a park in Kuala Lumpur or from my deck in Chicago, communities and their energy inspire me. Here is a sample from some of my travels. 


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