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My Favorite Resources

Updated: April 18
There are so many resources for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging that it can be difficult to know where to start. This page is going to serve as a resource guide for all DEI&B texts, videos, articles, books and social media activists who I have found to be useful, entertaining or informative. I've also included some businesses and foundations that I would like to spotlight and drive attention to. 

Pink Sand

Luuvie Ajayi Jones (IG @luuvie)

I'm Judging You and Professional Troublemaker

Luuvie is a 2x NYT bestselling author, speaker, techie, Professional Troublemaker. She is the person who says what you are thinking but might be afraid to say. She inspired me after she spoke at a Comcast Diversity & Incusion roundtable and she focuses on living the truest version of ourselves. 

feminist, women of color, people of color, women, self-inspiration, self-branding


Fredrick Joseph (IG @fredtjoseph)

The Black Friend

I found Fred through Instagram and cannot wait to read anything he writes. He can clearly articulate reason in unreasonable situations. He provides support and actions items that are easy to follow and now always easy, yet so very necessary, to hear. Fred is a NYT bestselling author, writer, educator, and marketer. He is an activist, marketing & advertising exec, and philanthropist. He uses his writing and marketing skills to create change, help people grow and foster learning and unlearning to lift marginalized people. 

feminist,  Black studies, people of color, Black men & women, self-branding


Katie Sturino (IG @katiesturino)

Body Talk

Katie is a bestselling author, podcast host and founder of Megababe feminine products. She embodies Body Positivity. I found Katie through her Instagram series of photos called #supersizethelook where she recreates looks from celebrities on "real women's bodies". She makes a point of saying it is not about who wears it better because that mindset keeps women down. She often calls out companies publicly for not being size inclusive and publications for focusing on women's bodies instead of their work. 

feminist, body positivity, size inclusivity, women, self-inspiration, self-branding


 The Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls. They provide financial assistance for those who seek therapy nationally. I came across the Loveland Foundation in 2020 when I wanted to help more than protesting. Donating to the Loveland Foundation guaranteed that my money was making a difference for women and children who need it. (IG @thelovelandfoundation) 

feminist, women of color, people of color, women,, 

Walter Johnson

The Broken Heart of America: St. Louis and the Violent History of the United States

I grew up in St. Louis, so this book struck a particular cord with me knowing the mindsets of the standard Missourian and it was heartbreaking yet necessary to see the violent history so many have had to endure so close to my family's home and heart. Racism is not a "somewhere else" problem and this shows how it can be in our own backyard. 

racism, economics, discrimination, Black & African American History

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